The rewarding way to drive and arrive locally

Discover where you can save money and time locally. Get rewarded with exclusive offers and discounts from local businesses when you use the Parkify app.

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Get ready to save time and effort when you want to park and shop locally. When you download the Parkify app for FREE and register your vehicle you are in the driver's seat to access ticketless parking and access to other local services as they become available.

In the meantime why don't you take advantage of Parkify Rewards just for being a member. Once you download the app and choose the types of rewards you want Parkify will send those types of rewards to you when you are nearby so you can take advantage of exclusive discounts and offers with local businesses.

Download the free app and register your vehicle to also receive exclusives offers and discounts from local businesses when you park with Parkify.

Save time and get rewarded with exclusive offers and discounts when you become a Parkify member

Drive and arrive

Discover what is nearby where you park and shop to save you time, effort and money.

Get exclusive offers and discounts

Parkify gives you access to some of the best deals going around, from all types of local businesses. Get rewarded when you park. You deserve it!

Caring for Community

We are passionate about supporting the community and now you can be too. Did you know when you get rewarded using your Parkify app, you help raise funds for your local community groups, charities and supporting groups?

Parkify is changing the way you think about how and why you park.

Start saving time, effort and money now!