Ticketless Parking... but not as you know it!

Drive traffic to your car park with the new wave of ticketless parking that will put you on the map - literally!

Parkify is a unique application that works in parallel with your existing parking system while offering a superior customer experience.

Parkify provides a straight forward approach to this phenomenon. By combining licence plate recognition and ticketless parking with the convenience of automated billing, both you and your parking customers can experience the benefits of this innovative, hassle-free solution.

Parkify operates as a locality-based ecosystem, which means that not only does Parkify revolutionise the way your customers choose where to park, it also supports local businesses and local community groups.

Benefits of being a Parkify Partner

Being a Parkify Partner outwardly demonstrates your support for local businesses and communities and also offers added benefits to becoming a Parkify Partner.

Reduced Costs

  • The overheads associated with the cost of paper tickets are reduced, which enables you to seamlessly transition your carpark to become ticket free over time.
  • Save on merchant fees and third-party payment processors on every transaction.
  • Significantly reduce capital expenditure due to less wear and tear delivering an extended life span of existing equipment.

Happy Customers

  • Increased customer satisfaction with quicker entry/exit times by eliminating the need to pay at a parking machine.
  • Innovative, seamless platform that integrates with their busy lives and enhances their customer experience.
  • Provides rewards to customers that they can choose to take advantage of nearby, enabling your car park to become pivotal to the invigoraton of local shopping when your customers park.

Change the way your customers think about parking!