Make your business boom

Do you want to engage with customers when they are nearby with the types of customer experiences that they have indicated they are looking for?

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Conveniently connect with customers

Registering as a Parkify Business allows you to tap into a fluid market of existing and prospective customers through an innovative platform and business model.

Parkify operates as an ecosystem that is deliberately designed to serve customers, grow businesses like yours, and support local community groups, charities and junior sporting clubs in your local area.

Customers choose Parkify because they know they will be rewarded when they park and gain exclusive access to the types of customer experiences they have indicated they want from you, the local business, when they arrive.

Parkify customers have the power to choose the types of offers they wish to experience, which means your business has the power to connect with people who have already indicated an interest in the types of promotions you may offer when they are nearby.

Customers then have the option to save offers to their wallet, click and collect, pay now, pay in store or redeem in store. This variety of purchasing options maximises the benefit for your customers, and your business.